architecting the new world
operating system for the planets

We have internet, Facebook, iPhone, blockchain, Elon Musk flying to Mars but current models of governance are stuck in 1800...

Long lasting meaningful positive impact:

• Regenerative ecosystems, systematic change
• Liquid democracy,, Liberland
Effective altruism, Triple bottom line

Current mission:

$20k for refurbishment and equipment of a maker space in Puerto Rico:

IDEA: rainforest restoration

In many places jungle was cut down. Buyind land for less than $1000 per acre, planting bamboo that enriches the soil, captures CO2 and is used to create construction material plus generates clean, renewable energy from biomass.

Follow up

Network of resilient communities focused on education:
• nature, food, health, nutrition
• technology, engineering, construction
• human communication protocols (communication, relationships)

IDEA: repurposing military production

We can keep the complex going by building machines for agriculture and construction. No need to invade soveraign nations like Iraq or Afghanistan - people get angry when you destroy homes and drop bombs at them.

Operaring principles:

Community in a church:

Personal data mining tool:

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Hyperdimensional Multiverse
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