Network State Genesis - Passport NFT

Mission vision manifesto

Check our founding document.

TLDR: New world order, civilizational transition to digital.

Join us and shape the future of the conscious life in the universe.

Current price: ETH

Each purchase increases the price by 0.1%

Ethereum: 0x3EF61d25b2Bf303DE52efdd5e50698BED8f9eB8d

Physical manifestation

Once we receive a sufficient amount of orders it will come.

At this point in time we are digital metaverse Ethereum only.

Technical details

Until 4th of July — the fixed price was 0.07 ETH

From 5th of July — 0.1% increase with each new passport minted.

Source on Etherscan.

Source code on GitHub.

Use 200,000 gas (issue on GitHub) otherwise transaction will fail.

Use a wallet that you own (not an exchange), MetaMask should be OK.

Many ways to support the project

  1. (obviously) Get yourself a passport, buy the NFT


  2. Spread the word, encourage others to join
  3. Follow us on Twitter @genesisdotre and retweet
  4. Join the Discord:
  5. Contribute on the wiki
  6. Be happy, live according to the values: founding document
  7. Visit Planetary Council (Network State Genesis is a member)

Mars Robertson
Chief Integration Officer

Joanna Picetti
Hacker Girl