architecting the new world
operating system for the planets

Democracy originated in ancient Greece. Current model of voting is so 1800. Technology of horse and cart, mail pigeon, ship sailing US to UK in 20+ days.

Now we have internet, Facebook, iPhone, Bitcoin (not just money but consensus protocol) and Elon Musk flying to Mars.

Meta Project:

• Regenerative ecosystems
• Systematic change
Effective Altruism
• Triple Bottom Line

(in the old system it was the profit for shareholders, now it is OK to serve the planet and the people)

Action 1: rainforest restoration

In many places jungle was raised to the ground. Buyind land for less than $1000 per acre, planting bamboo that captures CO2 and is used to generate clean, renevable energy from biomass

Follow up

Network of resilient communities focused on education:
• nature (medicinal plants)
• technology (developer training)
• human communication protocols

Action 2: repurposing military production

We can keep the complex going by building machines for agriculture and construction. No need to invade soveraign nations like Iraq or Afghanistan - people get angry when you bomb them.

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