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Collection of handy utilities

Mars Robertson Vaibhav Saini

IPFS via Infura

Check standalone/ipfs-infura.html

Vaibhav Saini

IPFS via ClusterLabs

Check standalone/ipfs-clusterlabs.html

Mars Robertson Filestack

FileStack (ex FilePicker)

Check standalone/filepicker.html

Sam Vitello Kleros


Archon provides functionality for Arbitrator and Arbitrable Ethereum smart contracts as defined in ERC 792. Normally installed as node package, bundled to run in a browser thanks to this issue. Open the console and keep rolling!

var archon = new Archon('')

evidenceHash = "Bce1WTQa7bfrJMFdEJuWV2xHsmj5JcDDyqBKGXu6PHZsn5e5oxkJ8cMJcuFDK1VsQYBtfrzgWkKCovWSvsacgN1XTj";

var evidenceJSON = {
    fileURI: "",
    fileHash: evidenceHash,
    name: "Example Evidence",
    description: "This evidence shows how to properly utilize hashing and Archon to submit valid evidence!"

var evidenceJSONHash = archon.utils.multihashFile(
    0x1B // keccak-256

Mars Robertson

Closing remarks (simplicity and adoption)

Short attention span - code needs to understood quickly.

Coding on my laptop, no external screen, less lines must do the job.

Often asking for help - it must run standalone in the browser.

Yak shaving and bikeshedding

Focusing on the essentials instead.

Rocket science / alien technology

If you are Vitalik nerd type of guy (or girl, or them, or any non-binary quantum superposition) - I'm informing you there is a balance with the real world outside.

Most of the programmers in the future will be arriving from coding bootcamps.

Do you know what does it mean? 3 months of practice, some basic HTML.

Your genius code should have a demo and a sales pitch: why is this important?

Thank you

Vasa from GitHub, StackOverflow, IPFS forum for help with IPFS upload.

Kleros team for bearing with my 50+ GitHub issues (and counting). If the product was crap I wouldn't bother. Because it is good and the team is solid I think that we can do even better.